Peace is not the absence of conflict,
it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means

-Ronald Reagan

Seeking resolution to conflict requires courage

It takes a mediator that is tough but fair

Allowing you to see both sides through clear communication

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Seeking resolution to conflict takes courage


Mediation is a structured, interactive process where an impartial third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflicts through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. All participants in a mediation are encouraged to actively participate in the process.

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What our clients are saying about us

My name is James. I live in Southern California. Some years ago, my children and myself needed legal representation for a family law matter. Once it had been determined that my children may be in an unsafe situation, Catherine Vincent went above and beyond and worked tirelessly to get us favorable results, and did it in a very professional manner. We definitely felt at ease with Catherine in our corner. To this day, because of what Catherine was able to do for my children and myself, they are safe, happy, and healthy, and we are all doing very well.

James B.

I wish I’d had Catherine represent me from the beginning of my divorce. As a Family Law Specialist in my state, her extensive knowledge of the entire process from how the courts worked to how the law would be applied in my state and her familiarity with the judges’ rulings was immensely reassuring. I knew that when I asked her questions, I was being told information that I could trust. Catherine represented me for many years as I had to go back to court several times. She kept me on track, from making decisions based purely on emotion,
and had a genuine empathy for me and my situation. She taught me through experience how important it is to have someone on my side that specializes in what I need.

Kay P.

I have known Catherine Vincent for 24 years as an employer, my attorney, and a friend. As a paralegal for 30+ years before retiring, I have worked with many attorneys and employed by a handful. I have never known a better attorney. Ms. Vincent is ethical, knowledgeable, thorough, well prepared and has a grasp of the facts of each case that you want and need. She is an excellent negotiator with an ability to keep the parties calm and focused on the facts and the law. Ms. Vincent is the person you need either helping to negotiate a favorable settlement or to coach you through the very important decisions affecting you divorce or custody matter.
She is without a doubt your best choice.

Mary C.

Divorce is a very difficult time financially and emotionally. Nothing positive about it. Catherine helped me through a long, difficult, and challenging process and was always very informative, fair, calming and reassuring. She will take time to explain how things work and what the law provides. A very good person to have on your team.

Joe K.
I had the honor and pleasure to be one of the paralegals for Attorney Catherine Vincent for
more than ten years. I have firsthand knowledge of Ms. Vincent’s excellent skills and representation. She invested her expertise one hundred percent to help her clients in family law, domestic violence, guardianships, and adoption cases. Having her as a mentor was a huge benefit because she provided me with the excellent work ethic and pertinent tools to succeed in the family law industry. Most of all she vigorously represented her clients and never gave up no matter how challenging the situation became. She is someone you most definitely want on your side; her tenacity and knowledge of the law was undoubtedly intimidating to the opponents. You can count on Attorney Vincent to obtain favorable results for you.

Isabel B.

Catherine and her office represented in a “difficult” divorce in 2014/2015 that involved child custody matters along with the needed sale/division of multiple real estate transactions. Catherine jumped in on day one and advised me as to what I could expect over what would be a year long battle with an uncooperative spouse. Catherine at all times provided me sound and highly professional advice. She was there for me every step of the way. I was very satisfied with her services and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. I simply cannot
thank her enough!

Tim B.

Attorney Catherine A Vincent is a highly skilled attorney. I appreciate her work ethic, skills, and most of all her knowledge and expertise in family law, all of which makes it possible for her to provide the utmost excellent representation. Ms. Vincent is a great lawyer because she is more than just capable of resolving your problematic issues; she will also do whatever it takes in her power to obtain justice for you. Ms. Vincent was in my corner for many years and accomplished victory results for me and my family.

Cindy P.

attorney, mediator, and founder

Catherine Vincent

Experienced | Honest | Passionate

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